Monday 15 September 2014

We Love A Nice List

It does seem that the blog posts from backpackers that receive most attention are those about gear. And the most attention grabbing of these appear to be the kit lists for walks. These seem to bring about my own voyeuristic tendencies as well as those in many walkers of my acquaintance. Come TGO Challenge build up these abound. Then they disappear for 9 months or so until planning for the next Challenge comes around.

To help alleviate any withdrawal symptoms I have decided to post my list for my very imminent walk starting tomorrow. It is for me to be rather different as I will be spending four or five days on the Wales Coastal Path rather than in the hills. There are, incidentally, sections of this that do venture up and inland as well as along cliffs and beaches. The weather forecast is fair, with it warming up for the end of the week. That has influenced my choices. As the nights are drawing in I am expecting to be in my shelter early so will take a Kindle and extra headtorch.  I am also taking a few other unnecessary items partly to experiment eg I want to see how I get on with cooking over Esbit.  And I have one or two shiny new items which I hope to comment on when I have some evidence on which to base my views. So this is what I am taking. As usual comments, barbs or complements will be read and then ignored or acted upon as I think fit.  And I know there are certain items that I could ditch and reduce the weight still further!

Apologies for the poor formatting but you will get the general idea.

Welsh Coast Path Sept 2014

Kit List
Comments or 

Pack Worn/Non-Pack
Item gr gr


Arc Blast 590
Packliner 54

Shelter and Sleeping

Trailstar + Oooknest + Pegs 1290
Tent J Cloth 12
Tyvek small groundsheet 90
Sleeping Bag Z Packs 20 Degree XL, Wide 660 In Z Packs cf stuff sac
Sleep Socks - Rohan liner 40
Rab Meco Long Johns 148
Rab T Shirt (TGOC 2013) 99
Down hood from PHD Minimus Jacket 50
Exped Pillow 76
Neo Air X lite (large) 445


Sidewinder kit for meths + gramcracker 90 Testing using Esbit
Evernew 0.9 litre pot 130 In Z Packs cf stuff sack
Pot cosy 28
Evernew 0.4 litre mug 50
Lighter 19
Matches 12
Long spoon (Titanium) 12
Water container Platypus 2 litre 39
Sawyer water filter + medium pouch 110 Prob not needed
Plastic food bags 10
Tiny sponge scourer 5
J cloth 12

Health and Hygiene

First Aid Kit:- 275
First Aid Kit Dry Bag

Elasticated knee bandage

Tick remover

Safety Pins



Plasters and compeed

Wound Dressings


Micropore tape




Hayfever tablets

Gehwol Foot Cream
Tiny pot
Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel

Wash Kit Total:- 379
Dry bag
Toothbrush and paste
T Roll
Ear plugs
Daily disposable contact lenses
Dr Bronners
Hand sanitizer

Reading glasses in case 107


Silva compass 40 Prob not needed
Ortilieb A4 Case + map printouts 104
Galaxy 3 Smartphone / GPS 
Two spare phone batteries 78
Aquapack Case for phone
Phone charger 45


Repair kit:- 60

Duck Tape

Batteries *3 (watch and headtorch)

Thermarest puncture kit

Tenacious tape / cf tape

Foam sit mat 18

Swiss army knife "Classic" 22
Whistle 26
Theadtorch - Petzl e lite 26
Headtorch - Petzl green 78
Midge head net 50
Notebook and pen
Kindle 278 In protective case
Watch - Suunto Core
Dry Bags 70
Camera - Lumix DMS F35 + case and spare battery 270
Z Packs cf wallet, money, tickets, cards 56

Pacer Poles - Alloy


La Sportiva Raptors
Pants Rab Meco Boxers 72
Pants Helly Hansen Boxers
X Socks Exped (2 pairs) 62 62
Rohan Ether Trousers
Colombia Shorts 270
Berghaus short sleeved zip shirt
Berghaus long sleeved zip shirt 250 Prob not needed
Hagloffs fleece
Montane Prism Gillet 284
Berghaus Fleece beenie
Buff 38
Lowe Alpine silk liner gloves 29
Z Packs Challenger Rain 'Death' Jacket 180 Light or what?
Berghaus Paclite Overtrousers 250
Hi Tec Zuuc Shoes 368 Not really needed
Tilley Hat Hemp

Total Base Carried 7586
Total Worn/Non Pack

Food, Drink, Fuel

Food 2770
Dehydrated food (3 days) mains  and deserts  One bar meal needed!
Total other food (4 days):-

Soups 4

Tea bags 16

Drink choc 4

Condensed milk - tube
My luxury
Instant porridge six sachets for 4 days

Cereal bars 8

Olives, herbs and spices

Chocolate 4 Snickers , 4 Milky Way
Buy more on walk
Primula and wraps

Hip Flask 0 Billy No Mates

Water 500

Meths 500
Esbit 20
Total Food and Water 3270

Total Base Weight 7586
Total Pack Weight inc food, water, fuel 10856


  1. What about some Welsh Whisky!

  2. I have had Penderyn. I like it. But I will avoid the urge as I shall be all by myself. I will take the hip flask to the Dales at the end of the month when I shall be with others. I see a distillery is opening in Cumbria, too.

  3. New Trail shoes too, what's the story there David ? I expected to see the trusty Inov8's on the list.

  4. Hi John

    No not new trail shoes. The Raptors are great. I used them on the 2013 TGO Challenge. They didn't have much mileage left in them for the 2014 event and they are no longer made, hence the use of the Inov8s. I thought I would wear them out in Wales and then bin them which is what I did. Hope to do a blog post on the Wales trip soon.