Tuesday 27 January 2015

MLD Trailstar, Oookstar Nest and Oooktub Groundsheet for Sale ALL NOW SOLD

My Trailstar and Oooknest in use in 2014 on the Wales Coastal Path
After much agonising I have decided to sell my Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar and custom built Oookworks 'Oookstar' single inner.  Both have had very little use. The Trailstar has only been out 10 nights; the Oookstar just 7.

Why am I selling this sought after combination, and why is it so little used? Quite simply, despite its justified popularity I am 6 foot 3 inches tall and have a recurrent lower back problem. I think the Trailstar / Oookstar combination is ideal for anyone up to about six foot or someone younger and more flexible than me! I have two other shelters which I find more comfortable for my height.

I also have for sale an Oookworks single person rectangular bathtub groundsheet which you can use with the Trailstar if you don't want to take the nest with you. It will also fit in tents such as the Akto or Scarp if you don't wish to use the inner.


Mountain Laurel Designs Trail Star in silnylon.

This shelter will need no introduction. I purchased it new in Summer 2012.  For anyone 6 foot or below it is absolutely superb. MLD describes the colour as grey. To me it looks a grey-green colour. That too is a problem as it doesn’t go well with my steely blue eyes. A bonus point for the puchaser is that it is seam sealed and I’ll throw this in for free (!!!). Guys also included but not pegs.

My Trailstar in Glen Tilt, 2012

Oookstar (single) for the above.  Purchased new in Spring 2013. Almost as legendary as the Trailstar, and now apparently unobtainable new.  This has a black chikara floor (less slippy than silnylon). The walls are a combination of mesh, white cuben fibre, and yellow rip stop nylon. This allows good ventilation whilst helping keeping draughts off you.  The top part of the nest is mesh.  The lower c40 cm of the door side (T Zip) is cuben fibre.  The lower c 55 cm of the opposite wall is in cuben fibre too.  The lower c55 cm of both end walls is in ripstop.  This was chosen because it is more breathable than cuben fibre and, thus, less likely to make the end of your sleeping bag damp if condensation is ever present.  On my kitchen scales it weighs in at 375 gr.

NB. The mesh got attacked by a cat on the day it was delivered to me when I was trying it out in the garden. Said cat made two tiny holes in the mesh (it also scared me witless as it was dark and I was asleep in it at the time and couldn't work out what was happening). One hole is about 2cm by 3mm; the other about 3mm diameter.  I have repaired these with clear tenancious tape patches of approx. 5 cm by 5 cm. I also put a small tenatious tape (about 5cm by 2cm) patch on a piece of mesh which I thought might have a small snag so it didn't start to run. The cat is still living and is very fortunate to be in my opinion. She is certainly down to eight lives.

The Oooknest hanging from my kitchen ceiling. Ok I didn't have a picture of it in action but you'll get the drift.  Photo taken when I was practicing to use it as a hanging bivi on an attempted free climb over several days of the legendary V Diff. 'Little Chamonix' on Shepherd's Crag, Borrowdale

You can just about make out the two patches over the repaired holes in the mesh on this photo.

Oook Tub: Used three times only – then I decided I preferred using the Oooknest.  Single size, silnylon groundsheet from Oookworks with its clever little bath tub walls. Oook tub now sold.


As I wrote above, I have agonised about selling, not least because this is a good shelter for me if I'm out with Hyperdog Moss. So, and to be blunt, I want as much as I can possibly get for it. And be honest, so would you if you were selling something!!!  So if you are interested in any of the items please make me an offer. Given the low use, lack of availability, savings on customs duty if importing from MLD, and prices others have sold for, I would be expecting at least £155 for the Trailstar, £165 for the nest and £18 for the Oooktub. I'll come down slightly if anyone wants both nest and Trailstar. This price includes P and P.

If you want to purchase, or have any queries, either post in the comments column, or use the Contact Form on this blog or DM me on Twitter (@FellBound).