Friday 5 December 2014

A Fine Panorama: A Walk in Wales along Creigiau Eglwyseg

'Bugger Off': I didn't have to cross the fence onto this bit of moorland but would it really have mattered? Obviously to this landowner.
Well I have been slaving over the old Remington for the last few weeks getting my thesis finished. It was bound yesterday, but not gagged, and is now ready to be taken to Milton Keynes by privatised Postman Pat as soon as I can figure out his complex pricing system.  So that job being done and almost dusted, I was able to reward myself with three or four hours in the hills today to let the eyeballs unravel or whatever it is eyeballs do when they have been ravelled up for weeks.

Not having lots of time I pootled along to the local uppy bits which are near Llangollen and parked the Model T in an old quarry at the foot of Trevor Rocks. Although it has been glorious weather all week it was now tipping it down so I pulled on the waterproofs (well the Gore Tex trousers are waterproof, the top half of me was in Paramo), made Hyperdog Moss put on his smart red coat as it was a bit nippy and we headed off. After less than thirty seconds the rain stopped and it stayed away for the whole walk which in my book is what is known as a 'result'.

Looking towards the Horseshoe Pass
And after a bit of up it was along the fantastic limestone edges of the Panorama Walk and passed Creigiau Eglwyseg in the super late autumn sunshine. And whatever Carol Kirkwood and her weather cronies from the Met Office say, it is still autumn until the Winter Solstice, as any well educated Druid will tell you.  Hyperdog had a lovely time, apart from when he had to go on long lead for being a bit too hyper near the vertical limestone cliffs and that’s about it really and we didn’t see a soul until we were almost back at the car. Unless fell ponies have souls because we saw a few of those.  I had the Kodac Instamatic with me so I'll leave you with a few photos.  Oh, and I should also say, for Andrew W's benefit, that I did the hoovering when I got home.