Saturday, 1 June 2013

TGO Challenge 2013 Day 6: Stunning Wild Camp

The sixth day of my Challenge was very short and simple.  Good to have a rest after my long walk of the previous day.

I simply went from Newtonmore to Kingussie.  I walked part of this short distance with Simon Hutchinson and Iain Robertson, who I “knew” through Twitter.  They, too, were on a lowish level route but were piling on the miles.
On arrival I was back on my proper route and on schedule, and felt good and ready for the rest of the Challenge.  The weather was better than fair, with just one light shower whilst I walked, and it was great to see James Boulter again in Kingussie, hobbling somewhat on his damaged ankle, but determined to carry on, after an additional rest day on the following day.  We had a good meal in the Tipsy Laird that evening, along with Graham (Crowder?) and his wife.
Given the short day I will not bother to write anymore, but my superb wild camp that evening in pine woods just near an old bothy, not far from Newtonmore is worth a photo or two.  I am pleased with the picture of the wild camp as it shows clearly some of the ultralightweight gear I was carrying, and some of the latest quick drying clothing from one of our specialist British manufacturers.

Wild camp near Newtonmore Bothy - note my ultralight cooking set up, water system and quick drying gilet

The Newtonmore Bothy - one of the oldest in Scotland (located in the grounds of the excellent and free folk museum)


  1. You can't fool me - that's Bob Cartwright's tent isn't it?

    1. Nah. Bob's is made out of an old Tesco carrier bag.

  2. Apparently Bob's tent was in far worse shape after Montrose. I never saw it.
    And No, it wasn't me.