Thursday 28 May 2015

Blogging the TGO Challenge 2015

All on my own on St Cyrus Beach 9.45 am Wednesday 20 March 2015

This was my third TGO Challenge.  In previous years I have written blog posts about my experiences, describing my day-by-day journey across Scotland.  In common with several other Challenger bloggers I am going to try a different approach this year, and do some thematic posts. I have no idea how they will turn out, but first thoughts are that I will do a post about each of the following:

Route - Strathcarron to Johnshaven (planned) or St Cyrus (actual), with one or two specifics that might help others who follow any sections of this, such as OS grid references for deer gates, wonky bridges, non-existent paths,new motorways to the wind turbines, etc.

Wining, dining and sleeping – wild camps, pubs, cafes and the like

Fellow challengers – get your libel lawyers ready folks,   although I may anonymise these comments by using initials so that readers cannot possibly work out who they are. You know, things like "Professor IS", "Croydon Mick" or some such. 

Gear used and abused

Personal reflections

So, the next post will feature my route. Probably.


  1. Looking forward to it. Was your camera in the process of blowing off a rock on St Cyrus beach?

  2. Hi Martin
    Ha! It does look as if someone had been on the celebratory scotch doesn't it? I was alone on the beach at this point and had to balance the camera precariously on my pack whilst I took a time-delay shot. I eventually captured some dog walkers and refused to allow them to leave the beach untl they had taken more photos of me but they weren't much better than my own efforts.
    Good to see you again on the train from Inverness - pity we didn't meet en-route.

  3. Nice to see a photograph from a refreshingly different camera angle. Quite arty farty in fact.

  4. Indeed, John. And note that the beach at St Cyrus is now at quite an angle since some recent tectonic movement.