Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Clarification

Virgil Tracy.jpg
Virgil Tracy

I feel that it is necessary to issue a clarification regarding my recent public apology on this blog.

After issuing the apology, I was contacted by a reader who is a great fan of the 1960's classic televison programme called 'Thunderbirds'.   This reader has taken great offence at a comment I made.  I feel that there has been a misunderstanding, and that a clarification is necessary.

The reader in question has stated that Virgil Tracy, despite being extremely well educated, "is a happening sort of guy" who would never speak in Latin, as that would be at odds with the image of the astronaut in charge of the space rocket that is Thunderbird 3. Nor would it, apparently, be in keeping with a thrusting and modern international rescue organisation.

I have no hesitation in apologising for the confusion caused.  I was, of course, quoting from  the writings of Publius Vergilius Maro (70 BC –  19 BC), otherwise known as "Virgil", who was a well known poet in the days of Ancient Rome, when it was not very ancient.  He is not to be confused with Virgil Tracy who, along with his brothers Scott and Jeff,  appeared in all thirty two episodes of Gerry Anderson's supermarionation.

Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil)


  1. I feel another apology may be due. Virgil Tracy was the pilot of Thunderbird 2 although apparently he has been seen on Thunderbird 3 in exceptional circumstances. I refer you to

  2. i could n,t give a monkeys just keep writing how you want to i,m enjoying what i,ve read so far and you,re well ahead of sloman and walker

    1. Thanks Chris. I would not be ahead of Messrs Sloman and Walker if we were walking. They is well fast compared to me innit.